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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UB Classist? UB Sexist? UB Racist? UB 2020???

between this blog, the statement issued by the UUP, and in our own research, UB Students Against Sweatshops have found many faults in the legislation that we feel will be very harmful to working class students and the Buffalo Community (which as we all must know by now, Buffalo has been in the top 3 poorest major cities in America the past few years). our three main areas of concern are:

UB having the power to raise tuition without going through Albany
UB having the power to buy & sell property without going through Albany
UB being able to privatize key funtions of the university.

Which has led us to this official announcement:

Let’s Make Sure UB2020
Works for New York

At a time when working families are struggling to pay the bills, UB administration wants the power to Raise Tuition without approval from New York State. Our economy is in shambles due to deregulation and corporate greed, and they want to privatize key university functions and control UB property with no oversight…while threatening to wipe out progressive programs like Global Gender Studies and African American Studies. Let’s make sure we keep the goals of our university in mind as we bring UB into the future. The people of New York have a right to public education!

Open Discussion on Public Education
Thursday, November 12, 5PM
Kimball 111, UB South Campus